Code of Professional Ethics

The cornerstone of a professional accounting association is its code of professional ethics. The code describes those actions that may not be prohibited by law but are outside the moral boundaries considered necessary to civilized behavior. An organization’s code of professional ethics encourages and promotes ethical conduct among its members. By definition, ethics is a system of interpersonal standards of conduct and moral judgment. The following is the Code of Ethics of the Government Finance Officers Association of Alabama (GFOAA).

I. Personal Standards

  • A member shall at all times exhibit the highest level of integrity and honesty in the performance of his or her duties.
  • A member shall abide by accepted professional standards, rules, and regulations in the performance of his or her duties.
  • A member shall promote cooperation among his or her constituents while maintaining independence and an objective professional mental attitude.

II. Professional Competence

  • A member shall practice all professional activities with due diligence and understanding of the scope of responsibilities.
  • A member, before undertaking an assignment, should have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully complete the charge and if deficient shall so inform his or her employer.
  • A member shall be prudent in the use of information acquired in the course of his or her duties and shall not use confidential information for personal gain or in a manner that would be detrimental to the welfare of his or her employer.

III. Professional Performance

  • A member shall not engage in any illegal or unethical conduct, or any activity which would constitute a conflict of interest.
  • A member shall continually strive for improvement in the proficiency and effectiveness of his or her service.
  • A member shall not be associated with or permit the issuance of a report he or she knows to be false or misleading.
  • A member shall prepare all reports and statements within the promulgated rules, regulations and standards of legal authorities and professional standard setting bodies.
  • A member in all matters of financial reporting shall assure that the users of the report have adequate disclosures so that the report shall not be misleading.
  • A member shall not be associated with any work, products or reports in which he or she has a conflict of interest.
  • A member shall not use organizational resources or position for personal gain.

IV. Relationships

  • A member shall exhibit loyalty to his or her employer
  • A member shall act with honor and dignity in all professional relationships and thereby promote a positive image of the membership of GFOAA.
  • A member shall respect the rights and responsibilities of his or her colleagues and public officials.



December 14, 2000