The Government Finance Officers Association of Alabama (GFOAA) was founded in 1984 and incorporated in January 1985. The GFOAA was established as a statewide organization that would focus on the needs of those individuals responsible for or involved in the financial arena of a governmental entity or other not-for-profit organizations.

The Goals of GFOAA:

  • To promote the use of efficient financial management systems by governmental organizations within the State of Alabama.

  • To provide educational opportunities centered on current governmental financial management standards, technologies, procedures and best practices.

  • To promote development of accounting, budgeting and financial reporting procedures in cooperation with the Government Finance Officers Association, the Governmental Accounting Standards Board and all other organizations established with similar goals.

  • To provide a forum for the discussion and analysis of financial charters and ordinances and all other subjects of mutual concern to public finance officials.

Training... is the primary goal.

Accounting in the public sector is similar but uniquely different from the private sector. Managers in the public sector have additional information requirements than their counterparts in the private sector. Therefore, the methodology and format of the governmental accounting system carries with it a different set of training requirements. To this end, GFOAA devotes a significant portion of its energy and resources to identify, create and provide training specifically designed to meet these needs.